Requires Windows 7 or later



1. Download and install GTarcade Desktop.

2. Log in to the game, find the 'GTarcade' button in the top right corner, then click it to claim your rewards.

3. The rewards can only be claimed on GTarcade Desktop.

4. The rewards can only be claimed once per account.

5. Some restrictions may apply.

Points Store

Collect Points by playing games and recharging on GTarcade Desktop to exchange gifts

1. You'll receive 100 Points for every $1 recharged to buy G Coins.

2. Play games on the desktop for an hour and you'll receive 20 Points.

  • An Epic Fantasy World
    The Game of Thrones Winter is Coming scenery, characters, and topography are all designed by renowned artists, enabling you to live out your fantasy of claiming the Iron Throne. Navigate the dangerous political landscape in a new strategy game for players and fans alike.
  • Real-time Strategy Game
    The long-awaited Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a real-time strategy game where you can build a castle, expand your army, and fight for the Crown of Westeros. Join the battle as an ambitious Westeros lord and save a land plagued by war.
  • Smooth Gaming Experience
    GTarcade desktop is designed to ensure players can always enjoy a smooth gaming experience playing Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. Immerse yourself in an effortless gaming experience!